Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Real Illuminati Finally Speaks Up

Alright, I know what you're thinking... Scams aside, this week I stumbled upon the official website of the Illuminati. How do I know this, you might ask? If you haven't already watched their video, you should. Just like the website, all it took was a couple of minutes looking at the pristine, minimalist graphics before I was sold--this website wasn't made by a loser in his mom's basement (me), no this website was made by a professional. Someone who wanted to market it; someone who was more than just a conspiracy theorist.

click here to see the website

Unlike the widely misconceived notion that the Illuminati is a totalitarian regime, this organization is very supportive and encouraging of its followers to think freely and to strive to achieve their true potential. The organization either has one of two different agendas depending on its authenticity: It either wants to expose you to the Light, and reach out from the shadows of antiquity to bring publicity and awareness to its existence, or it wants to sell you something. Either way, I was convinced to subscribe to their emails, and apply for membership.

Upon subscribing, the first couple of emails were like that of most subscription-based websites. Asking you to follow their other profiles on varying social media sites, which I did. The latest email, however, was one that was a bit more inconspicuous. It was an in-depth analysis into the nature of fear, and it ended with an encouraging message and an invitation to purchase a "talisman," or necklace featuring their infamous logo out of sheer support. 

What's interesting enough about this organization is that they claim they don't profit from the purchases--it all goes to their "manufacturing partner." Couple this with the fact that their website features no ads and has a flawless design--right down to their videos, and you have a rather fishy situation. If this isn't the infamous Illuminati of old, where the heck are they getting the money to fund such an operation? Upon tracing the domain, I came to discover that it was hosted by Tucows, a popular web hosting service. Not to mention that it seems to have been set up with Wordpress. Other than that, I was unable to find any information about the webmaster...

Because there is none.

But this just doesn't add up... One would think such a pristine website must have an ulterior motive, as this would be the perfect front to market something to the masses. Or, if they truly are the Illuminati, money wouldn't be an issue. To which I say, well played. Nonetheless, I can't help but think about the Egyptian Eye of Horus, and it's connection to its owner, the sun god, Horus. I also can't help to think about the significance of the color red, and how it obviously symbolizes dawn, or the beginning of a new age; one that could be for the Illuminati, or for mankind, or both. Something strange is going on.

Nevertheless, how does one discern the Light from the darkness that is deceit? What are the steps one must take in order to scale their pyramid? I'm sure it is an answer that we will come to understand in time as the mystery unfolds. For at dawn, it is dim. Only when the sun rises, can Truth be revealed. Is this the nature of the Illuminati agenda, to enlighten those left in the dark? Or could it be more sinister? Only time will tell; as we look towards the stars for the answers once more. Funny thing is, these particular "stars" might be the ones who exist in Hollywood; if anyone is familiar with The Purge's fake website that tricked many a stumbler. Either way, something big is about to unfold, and it's either going to make a change in your life, or your wallet.

After all...

They are always watching out for you 

video: The Illuminati

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