Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Existential Layers

Here is an interesting theory I am working on. I have included a diagram, I refer to as the Sentient's Mandala.

Does conciousness, and unconciousness, exist as a duality? Perhaps the layers of existence, if they even exist, are simply layers of conciousness. Man exists between layers. The outer, being the Macrocosm, the inner is the Microcosm. Much like the tedious balance of life, perhaps sentience pertains to the organism who can both observe (macrocosm) and perceive (microcosm). This makes almost an existential sandwich.

Our inner conciousness is perhaps some other sentient beings macrocosm, and so on. Ergo, what we percieve, others might observe. Now the question is, would these Astral beings be what we consider gods?  For, they exist on a higher plane, to say. Even though the logic points downward, it is very limiting to expect all aspects of nature to abide.

Perhaps it is not even a matter of superiority, for the human mind is hardwired for competition. When we reach inward, and try to observe that which is usually percieved, we entangle ourselves with the subconcious. And become godly beings to those on "lower" levels. This comes across through frequencies, the true building blocks of existence. For everything exists due to frequencies.The piston-like propulsion of raw energy. 

Perhaps this explains supernatural phenomena. Either way, the prevalence of symbols is of great importance. Symbology transcends the layers of existence. Perhaps, that is why they resonate with us so well. Over the time span of human history, we have given a great deal of meaning, and therefore energy, to symbols. It makes one wonder if this collective, pyschic contribution has led to the symbols themselves evolving a degree of intelligence, perhaps even sentience? If so, these symbols are the gods and the creations through which we manifest choices and coincidences.

The question is, what are the existential layers?

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  1. Perhaps the layers are the frequencies themselves. Just as a radio is tuned to a particular frequency while simultaneously ignoring all other frequencies even though they are all present. Like living antennas, we (our perceptions) are limited to the frequencies that we are tuned to.. .. Let's not forget that a frequency is not a 'thing' but rather a state of being.


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